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360° Investment Management and Planning

buy+hold is the personal investment management and financial planning companion in your pocket. Gain financial independence without sacrificing privacy.

Track your wealth.

The quest to financial independence.

Whether you own stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, real estate, collectibles, cash, or do angel investing. Track all types of assets in one place. buy+hold provides a top-level view for educated decisions.

Enjoy a worry-free life

An educated answer to the question "What if?".

Knowing your net worth and the year-over-year development of your finances is critical to reaching independence. buy+hold helps you to understand your financial situation of the past, present, and future.

Easy performance analysis.

Native, on-device, super-fast, and save.

Approachable for beginners and everybody who is seeking financial independence. Customizable dashboards with charts and key performance indicators explain to you exactly how your portfolios and assets perform.

Privacy first.

Data never leaves your device without permission.

Your finance portfolio data is yours. We respect your privacy without compromises. No user identity is required, and your portfolio data is processed securely on-device to deliver robust offline analysis to your fingertips.

Take everything with you.

The financial companion at your fingertips.

Mobile-first user experience. buy+hold sets an end to spreadsheets, big screen focused web apps, and aging desktop applications to bring your portfolio performance wherever you are.

I have been looking for a tool providing insights to all my assets on the go for years. Unfortunately, all potential mobile solutions send data to the cloud. Last year, while rebalancing with a spreadsheet, I decided to solve my problem on my own.

Everything you need.

The all-in-one mobile app.

buy+hold goes beyond stock tracking. The main goal is to provide a 360° view of everything adding monetary value to your net worth with a lot of features on top of it.

Flexible Dashboards

Visualize what's important to you.

DIY Investing

Gain the knowledge and confidence to invest on your own.

For Everybody

Easy for beginners, powerful for veterans.


Securely share your success with friends.

Incognito Mode

Lock delicate information with a pass code.

Savings Plans

Schedule savings and keep up to date with reminders.


Drill down for educated investment decisions.

Asset Allocation

Figure out how to allocate your finances.

Data Export

Enjoy data ownership and export any time.

Broker Data Import

Make use of automated imports for selected tools and brokers.

Frequently asked questions

How do you make money?
buy+hold is a bootstrapped app business without investors. The business model is a recurring subscription fee to build a sustainable income for future improvements.
Will I be able to test the app for free?
The app will allow a limited set of features for free and offer an initial trial period for the premium plan.
How do you monetize my data?
We don’t sell ads. We don’t sell data. We don’t sell your financial information. The business model will rely on a subscription fee.
What do I need to run the app?
The first version of buy+hold runs on iPhone/iPad iOS 14+ and Mac OS 11+. We rely on native app technologies to ensure your data is safe and encrypted on your device.
Can I use the app on multiple devices?
Yes. You can opt-in to sync data via iCloud to multiple devices connected with your Apple ID. You can access and manage the same data on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
You mentioned servers, do you save my data there?
Glad you asked. We don't store any of your personal or holdings data on our cloud providers. We need to run servers to provide reliable real-time security search and market information.
But my financial planning and investment management KPIs are calculated on your servers?
No. Your portfolio data (how much of what you own for how long) will never reach our servers. All calculations are offline, on-device.
Can I import existing data?
Yes. We are working on client-side importers for existing tools like Portfolio Performance and API integrations for brokers.
Can I access my data when I stop paying?
Yes. A core principle of buy+hold is that you own your data. You can always export or wipe your data.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Don't hesitate to reach out to